Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Week

Dear friends and family,

Wow... It's been a crazy week. Well, it started out pretty well. Late
p-day. I played basketball with my zone and blew the last of my
MSF(💵) on food for the rest of the month. Sadly all of the food
I bought is gone and I am barley surviving on Mac and cheese and off
my companion. So its a mess. 😁 Anyway, we are having a little of a
rough patch. We are struggling to find people to teach. The new video
the church has put out is really good. It's called a "Savior is born".
Elder Troxell and I have been showing that video a ton he past week.
We have just been on the ball when it comes to showing that video. We
have been getting a ton of referrals from it. Sadly no one has yet
to be interested in learning more about the gospel. We actually have
been getting a lot of referrals for bibles. We had a miracle come from
it. We received a referral for this guy named Bryant. We came to his
house and let us in. We taught him the restoration. We talked a lot
about why we need a prophet. We invited him to be baptized and he
accepted! And pick his own date for January 25!

  🐶Never out of a fight⚾
            ⚔Mormon 9:7-9⚔

Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome to Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly love.

  It's been fun so far in Frankford. I love it here. I love being a missionary.  If you would have asked me if I would be living in the ghetto as a missionary last year. I would have told you no.  I had no intention. I thought that I couldn't do it. I got told I wasn't "spiritual" enough. I was at my lowest. But I'm here :). I made it here. I have worked my hardest to serve with all my heart. I can honestly say I have lost myself in this work. I have a strong testimony of the restored gospel. I know that Joseph smith saw our Heavenly Father and his son, on the  spring morning in 1820. I know that the Book of Mormon true. I can testify of the atonement that it bring us happiness and joy if we just use it. I hope everyone has a great week

Love Elder Kilcrease

Happy Birthday Elder AK

Thanksgiving in Philly

Hello friends and family,

Well... I got transferred. My new area is in north Philly. I got my
wish of being in a walking area. It's been the best week so far. Well
my new companion is elder troxell we have been getting some work done.
We were doubled into Frankford North. Talk about strait hood.... It's
bad up here. But we are safe don't worry. Had some pretty crazy stuff
happen this week. My first impression of the Frankford house was a
mouse running right out the door. Gross. Another thing is people here
are super weird. You get some weird questions from some people. My
thanksgiving consisted of playing football downtown Philly. It was
great it was a blast. My team consisted of a 6,11 byu basketball
player, a Utah state lacrosse player, both of the ap's .It was great
we won every game we played. Then after that we went to a buffet a ate
thanksgiving. So in the branch we don't have a lot of members that can
feed us, so we don't get fed to often. We had a little bit of a rough
week. We only had two lessons, I am used to teaching 25-30 a week, but
the future is bright here in north Philadelphia. We have a lot of
potential. I don't give up. I'm never out of a fight.  I hope all of
you have a great week. And please stay safe.

Elder Kilcrease

Monday, November 2, 2015

Priesthood Restoration Site

Elder K is doing great!  He loves his new companion.  He stayed in the Valley Forge area this last transfer.  He was very excited to be able to visit the Priesthood Restoration Site near Susquehanna Depot, Pennsylvania

Monday, August 31, 2015

First transfer!

Dear family and friends
Well this week was kinda hard. Our lesson were really good but people
just hesitate to make commitments out here. I hope everyone had a
good week. This transfer is Elder Bergman's last. Hopefully I can
leave too! Haha I love my area but I think I need a change of scenery.
It's really hard to think that I have been a missionary for 2 months
now. It's been hard these past two months. Lots of lessons. a lot of
people yelling at us. We have a family who is working toward baptism on the 11th of October. And
a few others that have felt the spirirt testify to them. Things are
going Good Here.  The members are rarely able to come with us but when
they do its a fantastic lesson. By the end of the week we should have
at least 6 investigators with a baptism date. I Hope all of you have a
great week.
 ☀️Always Sunny in Philadelphia☀️

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Valley Forge

Elder Kilcrease has arrived in the Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Mission
His first area is Valley Forge.
Here he is with the mission President and his wife.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First P-Day and PICTURES!

Pictures make a mom's heart happy.
 Dear Mom, 

The MTC is amazing. Yeah, we do have classes everyday for four hours.... :P Two classes every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So eight hours of learning. but its okay. Did you get my letter? Hmm my companion Elder B is amazing. We actually have a lot in common. We have been teaching investigators at the MTC. Its actually kinda fun. The days just keep going and the stress level keeps increasing Hmmm I love and miss you. Today is my p-day. I love everyone so much. I leave next Tuesday. I have such a short time in the computer lab, that I have to go. :( I love you, Mom I'll write you more tonight!

Love, Elder Kilcrease

First Letter July 14, 2015

Our first letter from Elder AK arrived in the mail.  We were so excited to hear from him.  He is doing well. He loves his companion, and his district.  He says that he is so busy, that he doesn't even have time to miss us much.  He told us that he has never prayed so much in his entire life.  

Mission Bound

A few last goodbyes before he enters the MTC 
And then he was gone.

The dream is waiting

One dream is waiting....

Another begins.....

Called to serve

Elder AK received his mission call to serve in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission March 2015