Monday, December 7, 2015

Welcome to Philadelphia, The City of Brotherly love.

  It's been fun so far in Frankford. I love it here. I love being a missionary.  If you would have asked me if I would be living in the ghetto as a missionary last year. I would have told you no.  I had no intention. I thought that I couldn't do it. I got told I wasn't "spiritual" enough. I was at my lowest. But I'm here :). I made it here. I have worked my hardest to serve with all my heart. I can honestly say I have lost myself in this work. I have a strong testimony of the restored gospel. I know that Joseph smith saw our Heavenly Father and his son, on the  spring morning in 1820. I know that the Book of Mormon true. I can testify of the atonement that it bring us happiness and joy if we just use it. I hope everyone has a great week

Love Elder Kilcrease

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