Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving in Philly

Hello friends and family,

Well... I got transferred. My new area is in north Philly. I got my
wish of being in a walking area. It's been the best week so far. Well
my new companion is elder troxell we have been getting some work done.
We were doubled into Frankford North. Talk about strait hood.... It's
bad up here. But we are safe don't worry. Had some pretty crazy stuff
happen this week. My first impression of the Frankford house was a
mouse running right out the door. Gross. Another thing is people here
are super weird. You get some weird questions from some people. My
thanksgiving consisted of playing football downtown Philly. It was
great it was a blast. My team consisted of a 6,11 byu basketball
player, a Utah state lacrosse player, both of the ap's .It was great
we won every game we played. Then after that we went to a buffet a ate
thanksgiving. So in the branch we don't have a lot of members that can
feed us, so we don't get fed to often. We had a little bit of a rough
week. We only had two lessons, I am used to teaching 25-30 a week, but
the future is bright here in north Philadelphia. We have a lot of
potential. I don't give up. I'm never out of a fight.  I hope all of
you have a great week. And please stay safe.

Elder Kilcrease

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